SBSM Launches BSM Blog and Rollout of Media Strategy

I am excited to welcome you to the launch of the BSM Blog. This is one of many efforts underway and under construction for SBSM members to connect with each other and the public. I want to give a shout out to our Web and Communication Committee and our administrative team for their efforts. The blog will feature regular posts providing updates on SBSM news, events, information and BSM topics of interest to our members.

With the help of Kelly Baron and Michael Grandner, the SBSM has also begun to roll out a media strategy in the past few months, including setting up a speakers bureau, developing press releases and social media. We are pleased to announce the SBSM Facebook page is up and active. We are excited to be able to use the page to share research and clinical topics when they are hot off the press, highlight the great work of our members, and interact in real time.

Facebook - Like Us TodayHere's a few ways you can help grow our SBSM social media presence:

  • Like our Facebook page!
  • Encourage your friends and colleagues interested in sleep to like our page
  • Share our articles on your own page and comment on articles posted on our page
  • If you or a SBSM member is quoted in the press, post the article to the page and tag them 

I believe these tools are an essential part of increasing dialogue within our society. They also serve to amplifying the voice of the SBSM within sleep medicine and the general public about the value of your work.

The annual BSM course recently held in Minneapolis was a great success. We had 100 participants nearly tripling last year’s attendance. We are eager to hear from you about topics you would like the course to address in 2017.

The 2015 BSM course presentations will soon be available as webinars on our website followed shortly by 2016 course offerings.

Looking to SLEEP 2017 in Boston, planning is already underway for the SBSM reception with expanded opportunities to learn, dialogue and socialize together as colleagues.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions for the blog please let us know at

Let's stay connected!

Mike Schmitz
SBSM President