President's Blog - APRIL 2020

Greetings Colleagues,

As we enter 2020, I personally can’t remember a time of such optimism within the society.  Coming on the heels of a record setting 2019, it’s easy to feel that there are no boundaries for the organization.  This optimism is clearly shared by our committee chairs who have laid out exciting and ambitious goals for 2020.  Here is a brief overview of committee goals for the coming year:

Membership Committee has completed redesigning a new look for the SBSM newsletter.  A strong focus of the year is on retaining current members while continuing record setting pace of new member recruitment

Outreach and Public Education Committee (OPEC)  has posted their first blog ‘Mind, Body, Sleep’ on the home page of the SBSM website which has launched a focus on sharing of information about BSM with the intent to increase knowledge and influence for the BSM community and the public using social media connections.

Clinical Practice Committee has created a calendar of webinars embracing cutting edge issues relevant to our society as well as to a broader audience. They are also collaborating with the Education Committee to develop tools and valuable resources for clinicians.

Education Committee is working hard to determine what type of resources they can assemble that can be of the most help to both new and veteran BSM practitioners, and making these available to members.

Science and Research Committee is writing an article on diversity in BSM, as well as planning webinars geared toward the BSM researchers.

Accreditation Committee continues to review applications for the SBSM accreditation of their training program to insure a high level of rigor for BSM training programs both nationwide and throughout the world.

The highlight of the year, without a doubt, will be the 2nd SBSM Scientific Conference on November 4-8, 2020.  Many are enthusiastic about a trip to the Opryland in Nashville for the conference.  Dr. Eric Zhou, program chair, and the Scientific Program Committee are in the process of assembling another thought provoking and star-studded speaker panel that will generate a buzz of discussion and culminate in November.  This is the perfect segue into our Call for Abstracts.  We encourage you to submit your abstracts for review.  Information about the required content and process for submission is located at

I encourage each of you who shares my enthusiasm for the coming year to determine if there is a way that you too can get involved with a project that lines up with your interests.  Please feel to reach out to Kathryn Hansen at or a committee member to learn more about getting involved.


Dr. Don Townsend
SBSM President