President's Blog - NOVEMBER 2018

Dear SBSM Members,

VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!  It is that time of year when everyone is encouraged to vote so that you have a voice in our future.  SBSM members will soon be asked to vote on a couple important changes to our bylaws.  The first item concerns changing the membership year from a standard calendar year to a rolling year.  Individuals becoming members during the year would pay the annual fee for a subsequent 12-month period rather than a prorated fee until the end of the year.  This will spread renewals throughout the year and it will simplify processing for the new member and the office as well. 

The second bylaw change involves the addition of a Fellow member status for the SBSM.  Fellow status will allow the SBSM to recognize outstanding achievements in BSM from our members.  If approved, awarding of Fellow status would begin in 2021.  We are a relatively young society and this delay will allow the SBSM to continue to grow, incorporate more individuals with diverse backgrounds, and establish the SBSM as a leader in science related to BSM.   Together, these will increase the number of outstanding candidates to be considered for Fellow status.  More information on Fellow status will be forthcoming.

The recommendation to establish a Fellow status also reflects a growing society and increased stature of the SBSM.  In the last year there has been unprecedented growth in our society with a 50% increase in memberships.  SBSM’s greater scope and recognition is reflected in the establishment of a BSM exam, recognition by many medical specialties of CBT-I as a first line treatment for insomnia and increased awareness of the health risks associated with poor sleep.

The SBSM will increase its national scope and further establish its role as a leader in BSM with the First Annual Scientific Conference in BSM in September of 2019.   As an evidence-based field, this important conference will bring together scientists from across the country to present the latest research in BSM.  A call for abstracts and other submissions has just been made and all individuals are encouraged to submit their research findings.    Understanding the science behind poor sleep and the use of evidence-based treatments is essential for recognition and respect as a profession and an organization.  This scientific conference is a crucial step toward developing our society and advancing the field of BSM. 

With warm regards,
Donna Arand PhD
SBSM President