NIH Updates January 2019

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Announcement:  NIH application FORMS are changing effective January 25, 2019

This might be relevant to clinical researchers/trainees in your respective sleep/circadian research organizations applying to NIH after JAN 2019. 
Although first announced in April 2017, the new forms were not actually
available until recently.  There is a chance that some researchers might
not have kept up with the changes?   Universities should be on top
of such changes… but not everyone seems to have the same level of service?

Hope not to see any clinical sleep/circadian applications “rejected” 
because they didn’t switchover to the new form … 
Updated application forms (FORMS-E) are required for due dates of January 25, 2019 and beyond – includes new Human Subject and Clinical Trial Information Form. Take a tour of the new form
Includes - but not limited to …
  • Consolidation of human subjects, inclusion enrollment, and clinical trial information previously collected across multiple agency forms
  • Expansion and use of discrete form fields for clinical trial information to provide the level of information needed for peer review;
  • Leads applicants through clinical trial information collection requirements;
  • Presents key information to reviewers and agency staff in a consistent format; and
  • Aligns with (where possible) and position us for future data exchange with
  • Incorporation of recent changes to R&R Budget and SBIR/STTR Information forms





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