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NEWSLETTER VOLUME 22 september 2018


PRESIDENT'S BLOG:  september 2018

Dr Donna Arand, SBSM President, shares with the SBSM members updates about committee activities that impact all BSM colleagues. 



consultant registry - justin thomas, phd

The Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine has collated a list of board-certified Behavioral Sleep Medicine providers to serve as consultants for individuals gaining eligibility to sit for the certification exam. Feel free to reach out to the SBSM Office at with any questions.


FEATURED TRAINEE - ana martinez garcia, ms

Ana Martinez Garcia was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and now is a third year graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Program (PsyD) at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.  She is currently working as a psychology trainee in the Behavior Medicine Sleep Clinic at the Miami Veteran’s Affair Hospital for her second practicum rotation. She is interested in learning more about the field of behavioral sleep medicine, with the hopes of one day working in an interdisciplinary team that focuses on treating individuals with sleep-related disorders



FEATURED MEMBER - lisa medalie, PsyD, CBSM 

Dr. Medalie was hired to build the insomnia program at the University of Chicago six years ago.  As she was trained in both adult and pediatric sleep, she now treats both adults and children with insomnia.  As well, she trains interns and fellows interested in completing a rotation.  




featured article - michael nadorff PhD

Position Paper for the Treatment of Nightmare Disorder in Adults: An American Academy of Sleep Medicine Position Paper.


Morgenthaler T, Auerbach S, Casey KR, Kristo D, Maganti R, Ramar K, Zak R, Kartje R.
J Clin Sleep Med. 2018 Jun 15;14(6):1041-1055. doi: 10.5664/jcsm.7178. 


Review: The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has recently published an update to their nightmare treatment guidelines (Morgenthaler, et al. 2018) that have some notable updates and changes from their 2010 guidelines paper. First, the fact that the paper is a position paper and not a guideline paper is important, as the AASM did not feel that the nightmare treatment literature was well enough established for a full guidelines paper. Although I personally do not agree with this statement, it highlights the need for additional research in nightmare treatment.

Looking into their recommendations, one notable update is that Imagery Rehearsal Therapy is now a recommended treatment for both PTSD-associated nightmares and nightmare disorder, and is the only treatment either pharmacological or psychological that is recommended for these disorders. In the past guidelines paper prazosin was given preference for PTSD-related nightmares. Prazosin has been dropped from being a recommended treatment to being an option that may be used for PTSD-related nightmares. This change is likely due in part to recent investigations that have failed to show prazosin outperforming placebo (Raskind, et al. 2018).


Exposure, relaxation, and rescripting therapy, which was highlighted at this year’s SBSM meeting, continues to be listed as a treatment that may be used for nightmare disorder or PTSD nightmares.

In sum, nightmares appear to be shaping up to be like insomnia where behavioral interventions are the preferred interventions. However, they continue to be under-utilized (Nadorff, Nadorff, & Germain, 2015). Let’s spread the word of the new position paper, both of the need for research, and about the strength of our interventions! It would be great to one day have behavioral interventions for nightmares be as researched and accepted as CBT-I!


Science funding opportunities - natasha williams, Edd, mph, msw

This NH/NHLBI Request for Applications may be of interest to you:

     Discovery of Biomarkers, Biomarker Signatures, and Endpoints for Pain (R61/R33 Clinical Trial 

     Optional)  (RFA-NS-18-041) National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute



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       2018 Practice and Consultation Webinar

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